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Here are our January & February
 detox WINNERS!!!
As many ofyou already know, we have two 21 Day Detox program contests every year.  Typically, January/February and June/July are the months that we choose.  We get really excited about it because we understand the benefits that can come from the 21 Day Detox.  Over the years, we have seen sooo many IMGmiracles that it has led us to encourage many of the patients that Dr. Mark evaluates as eligible to participate!  Although the detoxification is very exciting and beneficial, we find it even easier to do when...We all do it together!  Our team members of Complete Wellness Associates love to participate with you.IMG_3071  The cool part is if you participate too, everyone can encourage each other!  This time the 1st prize was a flat screen TV, 2nd prize was a $150 gift certificate to HEB, & 3rd prize was a bag of Standard Process goodies!  We enjoy doing the program with all
of those that are participating and we know you are enjoying the 21 Day Detox!!!  

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