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Health Links: 

Here are the links to some of our favorite websites...

Books (corruption in the food industry) (how to express love)


Dairy (Casein)  (dairy research)  (research concerning diseases linked to dairy) (how to have strong bones)  (books and links for a dairy free life)  (research showing link between  

           dairy & cancer) (16 reasons to avoid dairy products) (A great alternative to dairy.  Use in a 1 to 1 ratio as 

           regular milk.  We think it tastes even better!)


Dental  (biological dentistry research)  (documentation concerning amalgam mercury fillings) (smoking amalgam tooth video)


Diet  (information on organic vs non-organic) (facts concerning aspartame)  (website to purchase organic meat)  (hunter and gatherer diet)  (website to purchase sea salt)  (only blender with a go cart engine in it!)  (tomato-less ketchup, marinara & BBQ sauce)

Gluten Free Food  (gluten free foods & easily labeled for other food 

           allergies.  Try their donuts!) (offers gluten free breads, many are found at local 

           health food stores) (We love their brownies and all purpose flour!  

           They only use aluminum-free baking powder too.) (Amazon carries wheat free tamari soy sauce that is a great 

           alternative to regular soy sauce.)  (We like this site because it gives lots of options and

           has customer ratings.  Just make sure that you still read the label.)  (Many of these products can be found at local   

           markets.)  (great flours, oatmeal and recipes on this site!)  (an awesome wheat free alternative to soy sauce)

Home  (chlorine free diapers and wipes)  (green household products)  (green household products)  (klean kanteen bottles) (organic pillows, pillow tops & mattresses that we use   

           in our home) (Mattresses we use in our home)


Pediatrics/Pregnancy/Birth  (heart and science of birth)  (facts about how TV and gaming affects the brain)  (baby gates at good prices)    (organic crib mattress)  (cloth diapers)  (natural baby products)

We promote breastfeeding...but for those that can't here are some helpful sites:  (recipes for formula)  (powder formula free of wheat, gluten, dairy and soy

           protein)  (powder formula free of wheat, gluten, dairy

           and soy protein)

Unfortunately, currently the premade formulas contain corn syrup solids :-(



http:/// (good for itching, allergies, shedding & smell)  (raw dog food products)  (dry and raw dog food products)


Planting Farming  (organic farm and garden supply)  (organic seeds, plants, tools and books)  (organic seeds and vegetables)

Pool  (chemical free, non-chlorinated pool system)  (salt water pool system)  (pool supplies including sanitizers)  (ozonation pool products) 


Skin Care & Clothing  (natural make-up)  (natural skin care and make-up)  (organic make-up) (awesome wire free bra selection!  Sold at tons of local stores) (source for organic 100% cotton clothing for women and babies)


Supplements  (whole food supplementation used in the office)  (supplementation used in the office)  (herbs and tinctures carried in the office)  (vegetarian supplementation used in the office)  (shakes used in the office)  (xylitol products carried in the office)  (one of the cod liver oils used in the office) (supplementation used in the office)


Therapy  (one technique used in the office)  (cold laser therapy used in the office)  (saliva, stool and urine analysis used in the office)  (detoxification footbath therapy used in the office)  (emotional technique used in the



Vaccines  (science and research about the controversy over mercury)  (non-profit corporation educating people on wellness)  (stats, mandates, & exemptions about vaccines & 

          homeland security)  (uncensored info about vaccines and how they affect 

          children)  (science, awareness, & family services concerning 

          autism)  (studies on triggers and treatment for 


         (form to present to a pediatrician prior to vaccination)  (mandatory vaccine petition) (independent assessment of vaccine and vaccine safety)


Water  (smartwater and vitamin water)  (home distiller products)  (global team whose mission is to improve the world's 

          drinking water)  (test your well water here)  (the entire home water filter we use in our home) (source for spring water in glass jugs) (excellent water filtration system) (water filter under    counter)


Wellness  (traditions in food, farming and healing)  (journal of applied kinesiology)  (health and wellness website)  (research and education empowering heart based living)  (independent research website with cancer statistics)

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