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We have had incredible results with patients who suffer from the following conditions, symptoms & concerns:

*Acid Reflux


*Acute Injuries







*Blood Pressure Issues

*Hair loss, Dry/Oily Scalp

*High/Low Cholesterol

*Chronic Fatigue

*Chronic Joint Pain


*Colitis/Irritable Bowel


*Crohn’s Disease



*Digestive Disorders

*Ear Infections

*Emotional Issues



*Heart Disease


*Hormonal Imbalances




*Immune Suppression

*Menopausal Symptoms






*Sports Injuries

*Weight Loss


We also love to help patients who enjoy feeling well but are seeking...

*Athletic Improvement

*Preventative Medicine

*Wellness Maintenance

And these are just to name a few!  Remember, we do not cure, treat or diagnose any conditions, we help people who suffer from conditions.

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