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Success Stories:

To read the full testimonials in addition to hundreds of others, feel free to read our testimonial notebook while in the therapy room:-)

"My 9 year old daughter was having many problems since the age of 4.  As of today she no longer has headaches, stomach aches, allergies are better, and her mood swings are gone.  Her coach asked, 'who is this girl' within 6 months. She is so mature and focused!"

               -A. H.

"I thought the lack of energy, dry skin, and thinking were what I had to deal with as part of the aging process.  Thankfully, you have taught me I don't have to accept this as my 'normal'.  My energy is awesome!  I can keep up with my grandkids.  My skin and hair have done a 180.  I feel that I have the old me back again."

               -L. C.

"Being over weight was the driving reason I came to Dr. Mark.  Sidebar reasons were numerous.  Headaches, sinus issues, bloating etc.  After 6 months under his care, my weight is under control.  During this time there has been a paradigm shift..."

               -V. M.

"I was suffering from several things.  Fibromyalgia, hot flashes, constipation, and lipoma.  I am so happy to report that after 6 months I have improved tremendously.  I feel like a 9 on a scale from 1 to 10 (with 10 being excellent) My fibromyalgia is 95% gone.  I don't suffer from constipation.  The lipoma has improved and hot flashes are gone.  Thanks to Dr. Hopkins and his staff. May God continue to bless them in helping others!"

                -Y. C.

"When I first came, I was running out of hope and options.  After being diagnosed with P.O.T.S. and living with a myriad of symptoms that were treatable but not fixable I was feeling like I wasn't really living at all.  I was suffering from tachycardia, light-headedness, sweating, stomach pain, severe fatigue, memory loss, brain fog, chest pain, high blood pressure, tinnitus and insomnia to name a few.  For me, Dr. Mark was a last resort.  As I leave to go off to college as a healthy primarily symptom-free young adult I owe my health to all of you!"

               -C. T.

"I started to follow Dr. Hopkins advise and my body has recovered.  I have maintained a constant weight and no headaches.  I have no more night sweats or night time urinations.  Little to allergies attack me now.  It has been hard to follow because I travel for work, but a little effort goes a long way."

                -T. R.

"When I first visited Dr. Mark, I was a physical and emotional wreck.  Addicted to prescription sleeping pills, anxiety attacks at work, hot flashes, extreme fatigue and even water caused my stomach to burn.  I followed his instructions and within 4 weeks my stomach was improved.  He helped me with each of my problems until they were gone.  All the specialists gave me drugs.  It turns out that I only need one Dr.-Dr. Mark.  I am enjoying life again!"

               -S. D.

"I am writing to let you know-God is awesome-When I first started coming in to your office-I had just about given up on doctors-I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008.  I had a double mastectomy-in 6 months it came back in my chest wall....So, I just wanted to thank you and your staff for your professionalism and knowledge and concern for your patients.  This is the first time since 2008 that I've gotten a good report on my mammogram and ultrasound!"

                -P. C.

"What a blessing this journey has been!  I came in 4 months ago with many illnesses.  High cholesterol, unable to sleep, overweight and low energy levels. I'm now off medication, sleeping well, 14 pounds lighter and tons of energy!

                -M. T.

"In less than six months I feel better than I have ever felt in my life...I have energy, I'm sleeping better, overall I'm much healthier in every aspect of my life physical, mental, emotional, and it's due to Dr. Hopkins guidance.  He will help you, if you let him.  He helped me and I am eternally grateful!"

                -G. A.  

"I trusted that after a few visits Dr. Mark's methods of supplements, cleanses, adjustments, and eating healthy would make me feel like I used to feel and that I would be pain-free.  However, that's not what happened.  What happened was I now feel better than I used to feel and haven't had sciatic pain since the third visit!!"

                -T. S.  

"My hormones are balanced.  I have so much more energy now, and my headaches have totally disappeared.  Thank you for educating me on everything from nutrition to preventing cancer."

                -C. K. 

"In addition to helping reduce my scar tissue, your prayerful guidance and concern for my total health has led to my losing 35 pounds.  I no longer take medication for my high blood pressure, low thyroid, and cholesterol that I had been taking for 30 years.  I feel better than I have in years and my friends tell me that I look better than ever...even a little younger!"

                -A. W.  

"Dr. Mark was right when he told me that being healthy is contagious.  It took about one week, and my husband was a patient of Dr. Mark's.  A few months later both of my boys were going along with numerous friends and family members.  We love to tell people about our experience and see others become healthier and happier too.  I am so full of energy, no longer suffer from any of my previous conditions and sleep more sound than I have in years, all without medicine!"

                -L. F.  

"When I came to see Dr. Mark I had a chronic condition I thought I would have forever.  After my first appointment a condition of 40 years was remedied.  It was a miracle!"

                -S. E.  

"Not only have you helped me eliminate a drug prescription routine, you've helped me solve some skin issues that were a mystery to everyone else.  Thank you and may God bless you and your family!"

                -K. F.  

"So you got me started on some supplements I needed and within 2 weeks I started noticing improvements in my breathing and sinuses and even having more energy.  After 2 months, my nose was clear, no sore throats, no coughing, the weight was coming off and I had great energy.  Then, I took the step to change my diet and it has helped tremendously.  The allergies are relatively gone, no muscle or joint aching. I feel great and have more energy than I have had in years.  Friends, relatives and my patients have seen the difference.  What a blessing this process has been!"



"The principles of the treatment that I have received from you both had not only been holistic but biblical.  Without your prayers and devotion to your patients I would not be as happy, wholesome and well as I am now."

                -A. A.  

"Where do I begin?  Dr. Mark and Dr. Brooke has been an instrument in so many areas of my life including my spiritual, physical, and emotional health.  There are few people on the planet that one could have such tremendous fortune in knowing...I reap 100% benefit when I follow Dr. Mark's direction.  He has helped my brother who has Hepatitis C to a level that he is triathlons and in superb health!  I have suffered from alcoholism but with the laser therapy and supplements I have been able to remain sober and happy.  I have recommended their practice to so many people and they have all been helped and like myself in wonderful miraculous ways much deeper that just physically!"

                -L. H.  

"The first I came to see Dr. Hopkins I had severe lower back pain.  After the first visit, I was 70% better, and able to go away for the weekend.  Subsequent visits have corrected my back to almost 100%!"

                -C. S.  

"Two weeks after my 18 month old daughter began seeing Dr. Hopkins I noticed her skin was not as thick as it used to be.  It was oozing less.  After she stabilized a month later, we were able to participate in footbaths.  The day after her first footbath, she did four new things.  Keep in mind that she had not done anything new in six months!  I was overjoyed.  By her second birthday her skin was clear!"

                -M. G.  

"After my first visit I could definitely tell a difference in my speed and accuracy while playing volleyball.  When I take my supplements, my skin problems go away and my headaches disappear.  Also, my energy level is much higher.  I can actually go through a whole day without thinking 'wow, I need a nap'!"

                -K. F. 

"What a difference I have seen in my life since becoming a patient!  I have no pain.  I can actually eat food without pain and I have the strength and energy to take care of my family!"

                -B. V.  

"I think the thing that impressed me the most, during my first visit, was that you never assumed the problem was in my elbow.  You took the time to test many things and adjusted your therapy based on those results.  That treatment, combined with the supplements, gave me immediate relief!  I am now at a point that I can be very active (8 rounds of golf in 10 days) and have no pain afterwards!"

               -A. C. 

"At the follow-up visit with the neurologist and ophthalmologist, it was determined that the fluid seemed to be building up again and another lumbar puncture might be required, we were aware of someone who had gone blind permanently with this condition and our daughter was still having double vision at this time.  We contacted Dr. Mark because the other doctors were taking a 'wait and see' approach to her condition.  Dr. Mark was able to help her body function as God made it to function.  She was able to regain her health and her 20/20 vision.  The ophthalmologist was so surprised because he had seen the pressure on the optic nerve and hadn't been sure if we were going to have permanent damage.  Since that time the rest of our family started seeing Dr. Mark and have been helped with things like:  intestinal problems, fainting problems, back problems, allergies, weight loss, diabetes etc..."

                -D. W.  

"Four months ago I began to see Dr. Mark for depression and weight problems.  I had been diagnosed with depression three years ago and had recently been re-diagnosed with severe depression.  I remember that my first visit I started to smile and laugh.  Thank you so much for teaching me the healthy way to live my life.  I feel like my old self, except better!"

                -K. F.  

"What doctors had originally thought was a pulled muscle was really deep vein thrombosis (a blood clot). They told me we would never be able to have children.  Since seeing Dr. Mark I have lost 40 pounds; got pregnant at the age of 35 in the second month of trying without intervention; had an uneventful and even enjoyable pregnancy, a similar delivery; and have a super healthy boy who hasn't even had a runny nose since he has been a patient of Dr. Marks’s since he was 18 hours old!  His prenatal care was excellent and when I experienced excruciating sciatic nerve pain late in the pregnancy, he relieved my pain instantly without drugs.  I highly recommend Dr. Hopkins to anyone who wants to enjoy life more, even if you think that you are pretty healthy, he could help you get to an even higher level."

                -S. R.  

"I was in the last stages of shingles and struggling to go to work and handle things at home.  The first visits were identifying what would most help me to recover from this painful affliction.  After a few sessions, I have no aches or pains and that is remarkable for a 61 year old woman!"

                -D. S.  

"Thank you so much for improving my health and teaching me about the connection between physical, emotional, and spiritual balance!"

                -S. S.  

"I now feel that I have reached my goals in wellness, no longer take meds, and know how to take care of my health.  I am planning to glide through my golden years and know that Dr. Mark is there to help!"

                -D. L.  

"I drive approximately 330 miles to take advantage of this practice.  Since seeing Dr. Mark, I have discontinued the use of four prescriptions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, thyroid medication and medication for a skin condition.  It was also discovered that I had a heart issue.  I have lost approximately 25 pounds and have greater energy and a wonderful outlook on my future.  I can honestly say that I feel better now than I have in years!"

                -S. C. 

"I lived on Zantac and Tylenol daily...I used to be out of breath just walking half a block...My overall health has improved tremendously.  My kidney function has improved.  I do not retain fluid in my legs and ankles.  Most of all, thanks for opening my eyes to a healthier lifestyle."

                -F. S. 

"I don't pretend to understand everything that he does, but I do know that Dr. Mark keeps me from being in pain.  I also came to him complaining of night sweats, nasal congestion and numbness...he has successfully taken care of them all!  I cannot thank him enough for all of his help."

                -C. D.  

"I was able to forego my use of these medications and once again have my blood pressure back in check.  Another ailment you miraculously alleviated was my frequent headaches.  Your positive attitude and honest concern for your patient's well being are the attributes that make your practice outstanding!"

                -G. A.  

"In the last year with Dr. Mark I have been able to stop taking five prescriptions and reduce my diabetes medication in half.  Since I have been on Dr. Mark's regiment I feel a lot better as I have not suffered from my usual sinus infections and bronchitis.  I used to suffer from frequent headaches and my right arm was so weak that I could not carry my own purse.  Now I have no pain and can pick up my grandson!  Thank you so much for a healthier me!"

                -P. O.  


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